Staked goods


Hunting vampires has never been so sweet. 

Luna LaCrosse owns the Sugarslayer Bakery, but this queen of confections has a secret…when darkness falls, she trades her whisk for silver-touched weaponry. 

One night after closing shop, her best friend is found dead nearby with a knife through her heart, a knife that points to Luna herself as the murderer. Now the top suspect, Luna has to clear her name before she loses her freedom.  

The only problem? She may just have to team up with Noah Strix, the newest vampire on the block and the next mark on her hit list. 

Now, both of their lives are on the line, but working together won’t be a piece of cake. 


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Staker’s dozen


As a vampire hunter, siding with the enemy is a recipe for disaster.  

Luna LaCrosse has hung up her apron and is on the trail toward finding the mysterious golden-eyed vampire behind the creation of the day-walking shiners. She isn’t the only one on the hunt, however. The wolves have begun to prowl and River’s pack is leading the way. 

Noah is now Luna’s greatest ally, but even with him at her side, it won’t be enough to fight against the new breed of vampire stalking the city. She turns to the wolves who raised her, hoping to rally the thirteen wolf packs to her side. Instead of gaining the support she needs, Luna finds the wolves have turned against her. Scorned for her alliance with a vampire, Luna is forced to burn the bridge to the only family she’s ever known. 

Luna and Noah are in a race to stop the hungry newcomers from ravaging the city, but with the line between friend and foe beginning to blur, the thirteen packs nipping at their heels, and a sinister plot brewing that neither of them see coming, saving humanity from the shiners will test Luna’s strength of will, and her heart. 


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Tension is heating up and a battle is on the rise.  

Luna LaCrosse is on the run after losing everything she’s poured her sweat and passion into. Now, shiners and rebel wolves are hunting her and her friends. The alliance between Noah and River grows more strenuous by the day and if Luna doesn’t keep it together, she could very well lose them, too. 

Taking down Josiah Spurlock is at the top of Luna’s priority list, and when she finally discovers his whereabouts, the true horror of his plans begin to unfold. No one is safe, least of all Silver Peaks, but after being banished from the pack she’d once called family, returning could mean not only putting her life at risk, but Noah’s, as well. 

The chance to face-off with Josiah is quickly approaching. The future of Silver Peaks pack is at stake and Luna will stop at nothing to bring down the man who threatens to destroy everything she’s ever loved. The numbers are not in her favor, however, and annihilation is breathing down her neck. Will Luna manage to defeat the golden-eyed vampire, or will everything she’s been fighting to save finally crumble?  


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