A Turn of pandemonium

cirque du shadow

Discovering the dark secrets of Cirque du Shadow will put her own life at risk.

When Peyton Locke accepts a job in the menagerie, she isn’t expecting to be a handler for a half-demon, half-gryphon shifter with a bad attitude who sees her as just another person to control him. If given the chance, he’ll tear his new handler apart. 

Unaware of the deadly game she’s walking into, Peyton not only has to train the golden-eyed man with the alluring smile, she must also resist his dangerous charm…or risk her own life in the process. 

With an unforgiving ringmaster demanding a perfect show at any cost, how can one human hope to survive? 

Fans of The Night Circus will love the mysterious and magical world found in the Cirque du Shadow! 

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A bite of havoc

cirque du shadow

In the Cirque du Shadow, freedom comes with price. 

For years, vibrant witch, Fiona, has had to keep her talents behind closed doors. When the opportunity to join the Cirque du Shadow presents itself, she jumps at the chance to finally be able to let her magic shine. 

If she is to perform, however, she must do so with scorned vampire, Casimir, at her side. He detests the idea of a human handler, but will do whatever it takes to keep his act a success, and earn his freedom.

Fiona has her own cards to play, but before she can show the world the tricks up her sleeve, threats begin to slip from the shadows. 

With their act and freedom on the line, the unlikely pair must unveil the culprit before it is too late. Can they overcome their prejudices in time to find who is stirring in the dark, or will they fall to ashes in the Cirque du Shadow?

A Bite of Havoc is the stirring second installment in the Cirque du Shadow series, a dark paranormal romance perfect for fans of The Night Circus and Caraval. 

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A wisp of catastrophe

cirque du shadow

Something wicked is stirring, and the Cirque du Shadow may not survive. 

Mia yearns for more in her life than merely summoning the whispers of souls and waiting for a love that will never be. When she is unwillingly partnered with the mysterious and charming Sorin, she begins to wonder if her chance at a more fulfilling life has come at last. Usagi, Mia’s unrequited love and charge, doesn’t trust the newcomer and wants to see Sorin out of the circus, but Mia insists on giving him a chance. 

When Sorin offers to teach Mia how to soul cast, she doesn’t hesitate in taking the opportunity. After all, gaining such skills may just help her free Usagi of the curse that keeps him tethered behind a mask. However, the methods of Mia’s new partner are questionable. She soon becomes embroiled in a tangle of secrets, betrayal, and a plan so malevolent, she may lose her soul in the process. 

Will Mia risk everything to save the one she loves, or will she succumb to her own darkness? 

Get ready for the heart-pounding conclusion of the Cirque du Shadow series, a dark paranormal romance fans of Caraval and The Night Circus will love!. 

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