A turn of pandemonium

cirque du shadow

The Cirque du Shadow isn’t your childhood circus.

When Peyton Locke accepts a job in the menagerie, she isn’t expecting to be a handler for a half-demon, half-gryphon shifter with a bad attitude.

Determined to be free, Ari wants nothing more than to live his own life. His new handler is just another person to control him, and he will tear the beautiful girl apart if given the chance.

Unaware of the deadly game she’s walking into, Peyton not only has to train the golden-eyed man with the alluring smile, she must also resist his dangerous charm, or risk her life in the process.

With an unforgiving ringmaster demanding a perfect show at any cost, how can one human hope to survive?

Fans of The Night Circus will love the mysterious and magical world found in the Cirque du Shadow!

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